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Thought and line of the moment

An interesting thought from Jesse Walker at Reason’s Hit and Run

But is there anyone in the country who wouldn’t be delighted to learn that the forces behind 9/11 are based in Washington, D.C.? That the enemy is not some exotic conspiracy of mysteriously motivated foreigners who speak impenetrable languages and fade easily into an alien landscape, but a familiar group of Republicans with Middle American accents who would be ousted the moment their cabal came to light? The Bush-did-it theory lends itself to a tidy movie ending, a conclusion far preferable to the endless bloody soap opera we’ve landed in instead.

There are many reasons I don’t believe the president plotted 9/11. The biggest is that I’m just not optimistic enough to think the problem could be eliminated that easily.

But the real winner is in the comments (they’re quite snarky over there these days) with

… and I think we’ve ‘turned the corner’ again, too. Considering how many times we’ve turned the corner in Iraq, I suspect that the country is shaped like a gigantic four-dimensional dodecahedron.

I think 50 years from now all of this will be seen as a negative function of technology and communications more than anything else.

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