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Quotes of the moment

From the comments of a vitriolic post about an Israeli flag being waved at some soccer game

This is why the entire Arab world can barely make a good washing machine and we send people into space for fun.

And via Jane Galt (original post about second languages)

I’m a poor programmer whose solution to execution failures is type louder and more slowly.

One Comment

  • Nick

    The World Cup commercial where they talk about how they stopped some war in Ivory Coast, I think, so that they could all get along and watch the games is far more upsetting to me.

    The intent is to show how futbol transcends all the madness. It didn’t work on me. War takes conviction, if a futbol game is important enough for you to put that aside, maybe you really are just ruthless warlords who get off on the fighting, and sports.

    Three people died in Ghana because they won a ball game.

    I know they are exceptions, but intensity and fury with which people rock the whole futbol thing disturbs me.