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Rapid fire and random thoughts

  • Interesting thoughts on the use of mercenaries to settle third world conflicts (Darfour, the Congo, etc) at Instapundit and Marginal Revolution. I’m a bit queasy about the idea myself, though it’s probably worth trying.
  • Congress asserts amazing immunities for itself. No-knock raids and tear gas are good enough for you and me though.
  • Why do we believe anything sponsored by supposedly independent interest groups, in this case, an epidemic of girls going wild?
  • A nice AJAX primer from Brainjar.
  • Traffic Data in Windows Live Local.
  • The current media created craze is the fight club. I think this article misses out on reasons why it is appealing to techies though. If you’re a programmer, you’re spending all day in your virtual world, and stepping into the ring is about as far away from that as you can get.
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