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This might be worth a road trip sometime

Certainly for a photo essay.

The Stone Circle of Elberton

Driving on rural Ga. 77 in northeast Georgia, you seem to time-travel across the sea to ancient Britain. What appears to be a scaled-down clone of Stonehenge rises above a hilltop.

Elbert County stonemasons, not druidic priests, fashioned this circular array of six granite slabs, but its origins are almost as intriguing.

In 1979, a mysterious stranger calling himself “Mr. Christian” commissioned the curiosity on the edge of a cow pasture 7.2 miles north of Elberton.

He reportedly told the president of an Elberton granite finishing plant that what he called the Georgia Guidestones would be “for the conservation of the world and to herald a new age of reason.”

As they talked, he admitted his name really wasn’t Christian, but he was a Christian and a patriot, who represented a group outside of Georgia with similar beliefs. Only the Elberton banker who handled Mr. Christian’s substantial deposit ever knew his true identity. He took the secret to his grave, and no one has ever identified Christian or his associates.

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