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Quick round up

  • Criminal caught due to Skype trace
  • Al Gore in fact environmentally friendly, or at least environmentally correct.
  • Trees that grow 90 feet in six years sound really cool
  • This was the problem I had with my car
  • Annoying quote of the moment, from which has been irritating me lately, after such good coverage of the Israel-Hez conflict (absent Anderson Cooper)

    In the immigration debate, I’ve tried to do three things:

    One is to deplore the degree to which the debate is driven by the dark impulse of racism. What concerns many Americans about illegal immigration is the sense that it speeds up the Latinization of the United States — where Anglo-Saxon culture is replaced by Latin culture, where English gives way to Spanish, and where we Americans become strangers in our own land.

    He “tries to deplore”? Even, or perhaps especially, in our secular public age need the trappings of religion and loud protestations of faith, but this is taking it to the riduculous. How is it racist to want to keep English as the dominant language, and to not want to become a “stanger in our own land”? That’s dumber than claiming Islam as a “race”.

  • Women and their brains