1. I’m terrified. I don’t want it to look like a video game. 300 looks fun, but in general I’m really not a fan of a monochrome aesthetic.

    While I enjoyed his Dawn of the Dead it lacked any of the subtext that made Romero’s notable.

    I’m very skeptical that this guy has the depth to make Watchmen a good movie. Or the taste to not make it look cheesy by relying too much on half-baked production design that appeals to 15yr olds.

    At least he claims to want to stay close to the source material. Personally, I’d leave the Black Freighter out completely.

  2. The black freighter would be a great movie in and of itself.

    300 was great. I didn’t think it would be as good as it was, but it was awesome. I have a lot of confidence in Snyder after seeing 300.

  3. I still need to see 300. Still, the look of the “film” in all the previews I’ve seen kind of bugs me. Granted, I am the guy who wishes they would start re-manufacturing the film stocks of yesteryear because the crystal-clear, color-perfect stuff bores me to tears. Now they just run that pristine tech through a digital filter to make it look like the old stuff did, and it doesn’t to me, but it does to people who don’t really watch the old movies.

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