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The funniest thing I read today

It comes from the blog of Anderson Cooper, which graces us with

Cameras followed the governor as he shopped for groceries. All he had was $21.00 to spend on food for an entire week. That’s the average amount of money allotted to a food stamp recipient. He had to say “no” to organic bananas and Swiss cheese.

Does anyone expect food stamps to be more than just barely adequate (if that)? Is there anyone laboring under the idea that life on food stamps is an excess of luxury, filled with store bought organic foods?

One of the more annoying human tendencies is that everyone would think like we do if only they had access to the same collection of facts. Thomas Sowell put it best with

Facts do not ‘speak for themselves.’ They speak for or against competing theories. Facts divorced from theories or visions are mere isolated curiosities.

If you don’t convince someone of the flaw in the theory, all of the “awareness” in the world probably one reinforces one’s original worldview.

And on the awareness stunts, nothing beats death row inmates going on a hunger strike to protest conditions. How can anyone top that?

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  • subadei

    The good governor seems to be under the misconception that food stamps are there to provide rather than subsidize a recipients means. Nice political stunt though. A more realistic effort could be made through paying the average middle class Americans taxes. Give that one a shot, guv.