Department of horrible statistics

Case in point today, Jay Bookman of the AJC

the influx of good-paying, high-tech jobs has had an enormous impact. Twenty years ago, per capita income in Ireland was 60 percent of the average in the European Union. Today, on a per capita basis, Ireland is the second-richest nation in the EU.

Think of how meaningless that is. Were they already the second richest country per capita? Did they have a meager rate of growth and the rest of Europe went down? Who can tell?

Bookman goes on cite things he approves of (of course) but doesn’t anyone edit these things?

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  • Anonymous

    No one edits it because the don’t expect anyone to read it.

    Cause it ain’t no fun.

    By the way, I’m going to famous pub for happy hour with some folks from work in a few. Care to join?