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Saturday link roundup

  • A nice how-to on HDR photography
  • Survivorman is blogging again!
  • The greatest living American you’ve never heard of.
  • The world’s stupidest Fatwas, my favorite –

    Many Muslims believe that unmarried men and women should not work alone together—a stricture that can pose problems in today’s global economy. So one Islamic scholar came up with a novel solution: If a woman were to breast-feed her male colleague five times, the two could safely be alone together.

    The injuction against the Polio vaccine is scary though.

  • It seems that tires will outlive us all
  • More on the Kathryn Johnson case
  • A Slate article on the ethanol haters, of which I am one. He leaves out the fact that creating ethanol takes more energy than it produces.
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