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Adventures in profiling

The New York Times wins the saggy pants headline contest with “The Boxer Rebellion“. It’s about the current mini-craze to outlaw thug-style fashion in some cities. I have no idea why we would want to outlaw this fashion statement. How you dress says a lot about a person, and in this case it says “I’m a ridiculous person who’s wasting my time, and I’ll probably waste yours”. Isn’t it better to know that in the two seconds it takes to see a person instead of the five minutes it might take talking to him?

We should be encouraging this sort of behavior instead of outlawing it. This is America, and time is valuable.


  • Anonymous

    You make the best point possible. That doesn’t change the fact that my personal belief if that these people should be aggressively punished on a full time basis for continuing to breathe.

    And it’s a refreshing throwback to imperial/colonial times. One of the wise men has wisely posited that we essentially have to tell these people what to do and how to do it. We’ve let them have the option of dressing themselves and they can not handle it.

    I’m literally embarrassed to be part of the same species.

    Anybody else working straight through the holiday weekend?