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Scary quote of the day

From the AJC article Clayton may seek records on all renters

“This is not to say Big Brother is watching,” he insisted. “It says Big Brother is helping.”

It’s not the most intrusive thing that could happen, but bear in mind that in the past 10 years we (the Atlanta Metro Area) have had

  • 1 Mayor in jailed on corruption charges
  • 1 political assassination of a sheriff
  • 1 ex-sheriff convicted of said assassination, along with several deputies
  • 1 police shooting of an 87 year old woman based on a perjured warrant
  • The creation of a “Tupac Shakur Arts Center” funded by the taxpayers
  • Cynthia McKinney’s entire political career

And we should give the government more power?

One Comment

  • Nick

    Ok, sure, good points all. What if it speeds of the creation of a Moonbase™ that is populated, by force, entirely of “people who can’t live by the standards and codes of the community.” What then? I mean, c’mon, this lunar relocation thing is just what problem neighborhoods have been waiting for.

    Don’t forget to write, bitches!