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Obama gets interesting

Firstly he has stopped wearing American Flag pins. While to some degree the president serves a double role as chief executive and president of the fan club I think this is a good thing. There’s nothing more hollow than a red Aids ribbon or the yellow “Live Strong” wristbands. It’s good to have someone running that doesn’t find meaning in 17 pieces of flair. That doesn’t mean his ideas are any good, but there’s more to loving America than wrapping oneself in internal marketing.

Secondly he apparently has a serious person as his chief economic adviser. All in all a good sign for him. Not that I’ll be voting for him, but he’s at least showing signs of being interesting, which he hasn’t up to now.


  • Nick

    I’m torn on the American pin wearing flap. I have nothing but contempt for empty gestures, especially the current pro-jingo ones that are all the rage. But I don’t know if he’s causing people to look inside themselves, or just throwing fuel on the fire created by the idiot-army chanting “with us or against us.”

    I would think that most people who get that it’s a hollow, dumb gesture aren’t going to be offended if you wear one. While the people who don’t see through the bs might take offense and think you’re trying to make them feel stupid/ridiculous.

    It seems trivial to me, but it also seems like the kind of inconsequential thing that his enemies could use to turn people against him. They’ll be calling him a dirty communist who hates the troops and he’ll be talking himself to death over the din trying to explain what he really meant to a bunch of people who are only listening to the twisted false version sold by the opposition.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna have to agree with Nick on this one. He will now spend a considerable amount of time explaining his reasons for taking it off to everyone when it was a non-issue before. It seems like a somewhat well thought out attention getter.