House Hunt

Toil and trouble

Since the internet was down most of the day, I decide to do some more stuff around the house. I take advantage of a short break in the rainfall to apply some quick drying concrete to some areas between the driveway and the foundation. I find that it really does dry in 10 minutes or less. Happily I’m able to finish before then. That does not seem to solve all of my basement moisture problem.

Since it started raining shortly after the cement was dry, I opt to install outlets in the basement. For some reason, all but one of the junction boxes do not match the descriptions in any of my wiring books. The ones that does does not seem to be connected to the circuit box in any findable way. Being a coward when it comes to live electricity, I opt not to install the outlet in that box.

Happily, while looking for further junction boxes, I come across a working outlet set up to the furnace! I count the day a win.


  • Steve

    Oh yes. Everything was far worse this summer when everything was dry and dusty. It was convenient in a lot of ways though.