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    It’s snowing in Atlanta, for the first time in three years. This is so cool. It’s very light, but I predict the Atlanta snow panic will start in about fifteen minutes…

  • Ron Paul

    An amusing Ron Paul profile

    By Tucker Carlson of all people. He’s periodically interesting, and I like him for no other reason than for saying to Paul Krugman (after he predicted yet another recession due to some conspiracy theory) “You see, that’s why it’s so hard to take you seriously”. He also broke the Bush 43 -Karla Fay Tucker execution story.

    Anyway, here is the article. Some choice quotes

    The crowds at Ron Paul rallies aren’t coming to be entertained. Stylistically, a Paul speech is about as colorful as a tax return. He is the only politician I’ve ever seen who doesn’t draw energy from the audience; his tone is as flat at the conclusion as it was at the beginning. There are no jokes. There’s no warm-up, no shout-out to local luminaries in the room, no inspiring vignettes about ordinary Americans doing their best in the face of this or that bad thing. In fact, there are virtually none of the usual political clichés in a Paul speech. Children may be our future, but Ron Paul isn’t admitting it in public.

    For some people, libertarianism is the philosophical justification for a zany personal life. Paul, by contrast, describes his hobbies as gardening (roses and organic tomatoes) and “riding my bicycle.” He has never had a cigarette. He doesn’t swear. He limits his drinking to an occasional glass of wine and goes to church regularly. He has been married to the same woman for 50 years. Three of their five children are physicians.

    Ron Paul is deeply square, and every bit as deeply committed to your right not to be.

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    Sunday morning links

    Sorry for the light blogging work, getting the condo ready for sale is taking up quite some time. Here are some links for everyone

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  • Election 2008

    Thoughts on the primaries and the Democrats

    I was thinking about the New Hampshire primary while running an errand today, and it occurred to me that the party of diversity had one candidate that was fighting for change, one that was working for change, and another that was being the change.

    Just as I thought that a homeless man came up and offered to work for change. I guess he’s a Clinton fan. And the primaries aren’t for another month!

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  • Evolution,  Ron Paul

    Evolution, Ron Paul, etc

    I was going to write a post about the evolution vs creationism debate, specifically about this post, but why? Granted, a lot of people really do care about their side of the debate, but what they really like doing is nagging other people about a matter with no consequences at all. What makes it more interesting is that no one denies the basic theory (adaptation, survival of the fittest, etc) but the origins of life are in question.

    The religious impulse is strong in a high percentage of people, whether they believe in a higher power or not.

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  • Politics

    Who would have thought it?

    Unmentioned by the commentariat thus far is that the primaries (so far anyway) concern only domestic politics. Who would have predicted that four years, or even four months ago? This is the best proof of the the surge being seen as working I suppose.

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    Sunday rapid fire

    • Living in three centuries – amazing photography
    • Public defender suspended for using n-word – while quoting someone no less! Inoffensive language has become the new way to show social piety.
    • A profile of David Simon, author of two of my favorite books, and creator of one of my favorite television shows. The Wire starts tonight.
    • The evolution debate is strange. Ron Paul says he doesn’t believe in some version of it, and an army of commenters jumps in to criticize. For something as trivial as the evolution-Creationism debate (trivial in the sense that being wrong does not affect the outcome) the level of vigor and venom is surprising. It would be interesting to know if belief in evolution was proportional in someway to having children.
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