Patrick Lang,  Politics

Col. Lang on the VeepStakes

On Joe Biden

His argumentation is logical, passionate and usually (unlike the occasion mentioned,) delivered behind a screen of civility spread across a vast hostility.

On David Petraeus

Petraeus is youthful, well spoken, handsome, intelligent, successful in the war in Iraq, youthful, and youthful. Petraeus has reached the top in his profession. There is no “up” in the Army from full general and theater commander. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Yawn… The professional politicians would probably not like to have Petraeus on the ticket, but his presence there would make victory inevitable.

My money’s still on Meg Whitman as the veep choice.


  • Jay@Soob

    I don’t particularly care much for Lang but he presents an interesting possibility for McCain’s running mate in Petraeus.

  • Steve

    Personally I don’t see how it’s actually possible. Petraeus would have to leave Iraq (where his talents are best used) immediately to start campaigning. I’m still thinking his best choice would be Meg Whitman.