Movies everyone should see – Holiday edition

Since I’ve been unswayed by the holidays this year, I’ve watched quite a few movies this year – here’s a partial list

  • Anatomy of a murder – Jimmy Stewart at his best
  • Dead Reckoning – A Bogart movie I had never seen before – another classic film noir
  • Touch of Evil – Charlton Heston as a Mexican Fed (which he pulls off well), and Orson Welles as a fat, sweaty hard drinking cop, which he played well, but wasn’t that much of a jump.
  • El Mariachi – a bit dated, but watchable

One Comment

  • Jungleland2

    El Mariachi – the big ass cell phones are kind of a drag, but the movie is still a classic. Rodriguez was on Opie & Anthony and said that he made this movie to be "practice" for eventually making "real" movies. His thought was that he would create a trilogy of movies with the intent to go direct to Mexican Video Stores and he could perfect his craft without Hollywood knowing he existed. Of course he was offered distribution the first time he showed it in a festival….