Walmart and Gay Marriage

I had the thought today about Walmart and Gay Marriage –  that true political hatred is reserved for opponents who do your job better than you do.  To Wit:

  • Walmart is a fairly right wing company, in a right wing industry.  So they seem from their marketing anyway.  They provide many, many thousands of jobs for low skilled workers and have gained their gargantuan size by first and foremost serving the needs of the bottom half of the income distribution.  They do it far, far better than any government program.  Their critics have to reach as far down as being unfair to suppliers for criticism.
  • Gay marriage is a full on embrace of marriage, while it does in involve an irritating (to me) changing of the definition marriage, there really is no downside to conservatism by changing the law to allow for gay marriage.   Opponents have to claim a “sanctity” argument, which the more I think about it is bizarre.  Mandating polygamy (it has happened believe it or not) would be degrading sanctity but degradation by extension?  I have changed my mind on this over the years.  It must be infuriating having the other side be more gung ho about a cornerstone of the whole conservative platform.

This post is a bit of a ramble, sorry, it’s late…



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