More thoughts on the Parkside Elementary redistricting

For those of you who haven’t talked to me in person the past week there was a large controversy over redistricting my daughter’s elementary school.  The lines were drawn over neighborhood lines, which set forth all sorts of divisive talk and feelings, which should be expected with the root action being divisive in nature.

  1. It was announced late on a Saturday night
  2. The entire neighborhood was having outraged conversations on Sunday
  3. I had the website going Monday
  4. My neighbor (who has a printing company) had the yard signs ready on Tuesday
  5. Wednesday they announce that they were withdrawing the issue from consideration (after much angry talk by the potentially excluded people, both in person and on social media)
  6. Thursday we have a meeting where they explain how everything was overcrowded and how people could voluntarily transfer if they so desired.

Much as I knock social media – it really was a help to a just outcome in this case.  Just to give Mark Zuckerberg his due…

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