Marleigh on Trump

While listening to the radio on the way to school:

Marleigh: Daddy – how much longer is Trump going to be president?

Me: About two and a half year at least

Marleigh:  Two and a half years!?  We’ll all be dead by then, the trees will die first, and they make our air, then we’ll die, then the werewolves will die, and then the regular wolves will come and eat everything else.

Me: Everything will be fine – have a good time in school.

I guess today’s bedtime conversation will be about

  • resilient systems,
  • Adam Smith’s line about “There’s a lot of ruin in a nation”
  • Checks and balances
  • Keeping people occupied with projects (and out of the way)

The existence of werewolves will be a separate day though, don’t want to mix the topics.

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