Random insight from Jerry Seinfeld

A couple of insights from Jerry Seinfeld

  1. He still practices his craft every day – at the age of 64
  2. This excert on comedy vs rhetoric

    Are you grateful these days that your comedic muse didn’t lead you down a more political path?
    I like to pursue my own idiosyncratic avenues. If I thought I could do something there that the average comedian can’t do — but I watch Bill Maher or Seth Meyers and I go, I can’t do that well with that; they’re great at it. But I can talk about raisins in ways other people can’t.

    That’s important too.
    I hate the presumption of importance. I don’t like when comedians think what they’re doing is important. That’s not a comedic perspective, for me. I was watching some W.C. Fields with a friend the other day. We could not believe the timing, the material, the performances. Perfect. We wouldn’t change a thing. That’s how eternal comedy is. What political material from 15, 20 years ago do you want to hear? None of it, really. The content of it isn’t, largely, comedic. It’s rhetoric.