2018 Election Results

So, it seems my earlier predictions where wrong by a bit.  The Dems have taken the house, and they’re doing better in the Senate than I would have thought.  Stacie Abrams does not seem to have won the governor’s race, but has come very close, which is quite remarkable for a Democrat in GA.  Voter turnout was way, way higher too, in contrast, as of 6:40 AM the day after the totals are

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Brian Kemp GOP 1,962,547 50%
Stacey Abrams Dem 1,887,161 49%
Ted Metz Lib 36,706 1%
Total 3,886,414

In contract, in 2014 the results were

Georgia gubernatorial election, 2014[16]

Republican Nathan Deal – 1,345,237 –  52.75%
Democratic Jason Carter –  1,144,794  – 44.89%
Libertarian Andrew Hunt –  60,185 2.36%
Total 2,550,216

A difference of 1.4 million votes in only four years which is rather staggering.


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