Midterm Elections – 2018 picks

Georgia – Although the Trump wing of the right has traditionally been undercounted by the pollsters, I’m going to go with Abrams here.  The get out the vote effort is exceptional for the Democratic party, and she has avoided any unforced errors.  Combine that with an uninspiring Republican candidate and I think she takes it by a nose, although the libertarian candidate, Ted Metz could be a possible spoiler.  Also, the Trump style tactics seem to work only for Trump, so there’s that.

Everywhere Else – I think the Republican’s do better than expected, and there is no blue wave.  The Democrats seem to have nothing to offer other than hyperventilating anxiety, and nothing to counter a (currently) strong economy, whereas the Republicans have at least that, and can minimize Trump more or less at will.


I’ll update this after election to see how I did.