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The 11th SSC Atlanta Meetup – the longest talk

We had the 11th SSC Atlanta meetup – and I think it was fair to say that it was one of our best. This will probably be a series of blog posts. Notable facts

  1. This was our longest ever meetup – clocking in at slightly over four hours
  2. We had two new people, both in the math field, which is quite weird and cool (not software! Diversity!)
  3. We had the most actual disagreement of any meetup so far (also yay!) – it was all quite civil – a surprising amount of it against Nathan – who was quite up to the task.
  4. No discussion of generational differences (rate for us)
  5. No discussion of guns at all (quite rare for us)
  6. Almost all topics were speculation on the future
  7. We beat the topic of UBI into the ground – it is a good proxy for views on human nature IMHO


  1. UBI – some talk of Andrew Yang, but mostly UBI
  2. Percentages of intolerance
  3. Global Warming/Climate Change
  4. Technological unemployment (not enough!)
  5. Transmitting DC power (more interesting than it might sound)
  6. Klamath county Oregon
  7. Occasionalism
  8. The velocity of money – and deeper meanings it might have

More posts to come out of this meeting – it was quite stimulating. And the only time I’ve written a blog post on the same day as the meetup.

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