A new way of labeling one’s position on abortion

We currently have the inadequate terms “Pro-choice” and “Pro-life” – which, while self congratulatory and cloying don’t describe the situation with any clarity or precision.

Are you find with abortion by medication (abortion pills) but think partial birth abortion/dilation and extraction should be illegal? Which are you? Are you pro-choice because you think the pills should be legal and maybe even covered by insurance, or are you pro life because you think abortion at 39 weeks should be illegal.

I propose a new way of thinking about the matter – instead of choosing a binary term (pro or anti) – why not use a numerical score of when you think abortion should be prohibited?

Assuming the following:

  • The average pregnancy takes 40 weeks from a woman’s last period
  • Conception happens at week 2 (on average)
  • One’s opinions on contraception are not relevant to this metric
  • Once the child is out of the womb it assumes it’s own existence and personhood separate from the mother

Why not start using numerical scales – someone who would prohibit all abortions would label themselves as A2, someone who thinks partial birth abortion/D & E should be legal would be an A40. Someone who favors the heartbeat rule would be an A12, etc, etc.

I think this would offer much more clarity in one’s positions than the current system of labeling.

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