June, 2008

Jun 08

From yesterday’s photo shoot

Jun 08

Bob Barr on BloggingHeads.tv!

A pretty good interview as these things go. Barr comes across pretty well.

Jun 08

Random links

  • Joel Spolsky “If something seems possible, that’s probably because someone is already doing it. When something seems that it can’t possibly work, nobody tries it. Real innovation happens when someone tries anyway, overlooking an obvious flaw, and finds a way to make an idea work.”
  • Female Patriarchs in Albania – apparently they swear virginity, live as men, and take over the male role as head of the family. Very weird.

Jun 08

Bob Barr Interview

Jun 08

Brushes with greatness

I went to college with this guy. Ward Anderson was a comic then too, but in much worse shape.

Jun 08

A tree grows at the Freedom House

I just planted a Royal Empress sapling; it’s currently about one handspan tall. We’ll see if it grows as fast as the experts say.

Incidentally, I got it over the internet, which makes everything available online these days…

I haven’t been blogging much, but not much has been going on besides work these days.

Jun 08

The Republicans effort to hit rock bottom, and start digging

It seems that John McCain knows that the Republican party needs to rebuild, and wants to make sure they start from the ground up. Case in point, this quote where he seemingly doesn’t know the meaning of habeas corpus. This misstatement seems so flagrant, in conjunction with his lack of anything new in his campaign platform, that it seems intentional.

Jun 08

McCain’s first wife

Check out this story about McCain’s first wife. Oddly, the hero of the tale is Ross Perot; a crazy nut, but a classy guy.

Jun 08

Saturday reading

Jun 08


This looks way, way cool.