The Republicans effort to hit rock bottom, and start digging

It seems that John McCain knows that the Republican party needs to rebuild, and wants to make sure they start from the ground up. Case in point, this quote where he seemingly doesn’t know the meaning of habeas corpus. This misstatement seems so flagrant, in conjunction with his lack of anything new in his campaign platform, that it seems intentional.

One Comment

  • Jungleland2

    He sure is not doing anything to impress anybody. Liberals and Moderates think he is Bush pt2, conservatives think he is the next John Kerry, Libertarians think he is a bad conservative AND a bad liberal. People under 65 think he is an old man. Women think he chases and marries young, rich women. Gays are upset because he cried “states rights”instead of having an opinion and now Arizona is about to have a anti-gay-marriage law and he STILL won’t comment, Hispanics are confused becuase he WAS on thier side and now wants to build a wall. Environmentalists don’t like his programs on oil….oh, and 80%+ of the country thinks we should get out of IRAQ and he will not consider this option at all.

    So he has old white guys that are not upset with him for turning his back on basic Conservative principals….