July, 2008

Jul 08

Only in Atlanta

I went to the all night convenience store last night on a beer run after we ran out at the recording studio. Ahead of me in line was an obvious heroin addict (lots of track marks) wearing pajamas. Behind and to the side of me was was an attractive debutante type having a loud conversation on her cell phone. The heroin addict is having a loud conversation with the clerk about her kids (apparently it’s a lot of work but they’re worth it); the debutante is having a loud conversation on her cell phone that ended with “Some people have NO MANNERS!”.

I savored the irony for an hour or so.

Jul 08

Bringing light to the world

Via PurpleSlog, this is priceless

Jul 08

Your saturday morning reading

  • Dead Left – Jon Chair on Naomi Klein
  • The Atlanta PD and their odd hat history
  • Radley Balko and the non-existent presidential crime policies of the candidates
  • American Murder Mystery – everyone should read this, it’s about the current and future face of crime.
  • Report: Rich Consistently Outearning Poor

    Armbrister stressed that it would be premature to draw any final conclusions from the 550-page report, cautioning that “much supplementary research must still be done.”

    “Yes, we do need more data,” she said. “But regardless, it is apparent that a severe gulf exists between rich and poor. And this cannot be mere coincidence. There is clearly an unknown mitigating factor at work here, and I strongly suspect it may be financial in nature.

Jul 08

A convincing case for Bush impeachment

is made by former Reagan official Bruce Fein on BloggingHeads. And for the record, I still prefer Bush over Kerry. It won’t happen due to the fact that Bush was smart enough to enlarge presidential powers for all subsequent presidents, so no one will have the incentive to give any of them up.

Jul 08

Massive insight – Obama in Europe edition

With the rich, popular, and good looking candidate playing in Europe to adoring crowds, and with McCain unable to draw flies here in America, despite being the more experienced deserving candidate; McCain must feel like he’s in an Adam Sandler movie.

Jul 08

Company Endorsement

This one goes out to Delta Machinery, who capably fixed my jointer and planer for free (both were under warranty). An easy process with very little need for documentation.

Just giving credit where credit is due.

Jul 08

Random insight from the ride back: Modern politics

The Bush administration has been like a movie version of a Jimmy Carter book, starring Steven Seagal, and lasting eight years.

Jul 08

Watchmen Trailer!

It’s out early

Watch it here

Jul 08

Random business insight

Coming up with value-adds are usually a sign that you’re on the wrong track.

Jul 08

Link clearing blog post

  • Garet Garrett – an early libertarian writer, I just added his Atlas Shrugged precursor novel to my amazon.com wish list
  • This story about a black widow who has just recently been revealed
  • Jeff Carstensen was spooked when he learned his grandmother planned to buy him a $100,000 life insurance policy — and name herself the beneficiary.
  • “She told me that people of our stature have insurance policies on each other,” he said. “That way, if something happens to you, you take care of me, and if something happens to me, I take care of you. It was all too suspicious. So I got out of there any way I could, as soon as I could.”