Monthly Archives: July 2018

Amusing things said at bedtime

Marleigh: Daddy – how do you think you’re going to die?

Me: Uhhhhhhhh – of old age I hope

Marleigh: How old?

Me: About 112 – how do you think I’m going to die

Marleigh: You’ll probably be killed by a monster who hates us, but my love will bring you back (and makes hand gestures indicating casting of spells)

Evolution of software

  1. Day 1 – Great – Software Product X does [THING]
  2. Day 365 – Man – it sure is complicated to use Product X to do [THING]
  3. Day 730 – Man – that [THING] is slow
  4. Day 1095 – No one notices [THING] because that [THING] has been automated and is happening in the background somewhere.

I’m going to use this as a way of streamlining operations.