Mar 07

The Watchmen movie!

To be made by the director of 300! And the plot is supposedly unchanged, and still happening in 1985. My cup runneth over.

Mar 07

Quck roundup

Mar 07


I just got back from seeing 300. It matches the hype. The visuals are stunning, the story magnificently told, the actors all unknown and brilliant. It makes the top five of all time list.

Oct 06

Tales of the Black Freighter

It was a meta story in Alan Moore’s greatest work, the Watchmen. And it’s now online, on it’s own!

Jul 06

Two links and new word

The new word is MacGanized. It’s the organization of Mac users. Rather than be organized, they just know people who are organized who find stuff for them. Quite common.

Jun 06

Sunday rapid fire

Jun 06

Religion and super heroes

Here is an interesting list of Super Heroes by religious affiliation.

Least surprising: Captain America – a Protestant, no shocker there.
Most surprising: The Thing – Jewish!

They classify the favorite of my later teen years, the Question, as Objectivist, which is close enough to a religion I suppose.

May 05

Garrison Keilor creeps me out

I was looking online for Gillian Welch appearances and encountered her on prairie Home Companion. Since her songs were spread through the whole show I listened to the whole show over the web.

While listening to his very good announcer voice I began getting a creepy vibe from all of it, particularly from Garrison Keilor, and after a while I realized why.

In about 1988 I was nearing the end of my comic book period and encountered the comic book miniseries V for Vendetta. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic fascist Britain and is centered around a concentration camp escapee bent on revenge. One of the minor characters is the official spokesman for the government who got his start as an announcer/administrator at the concentration camp where the protagonist was interred.

It’s a vivid story and made a deep impression on me. For some reason Garrison Keilor deep, rich telling of bland stories and anecdotes reminded me of my conception of the announcer in the comic book.

I hadn’t thought of V for Vendetta in years…

Oddly enough, a quick google search tells me that V for Vendetta will soon be a movie.

UPDATE–corrected the spelling of “Keilor”.

May 05

The classics never die

I came across this again today, suffice it to say, the classics never go out of style.

The best comic book cover ever.