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Garrison Keilor creeps me out

I was looking online for Gillian Welch appearances and encountered her on prairie Home Companion. Since her songs were spread through the whole show I listened to the whole show over the web.

While listening to his very good announcer voice I began getting a creepy vibe from all of it, particularly from Garrison Keilor, and after a while I realized why.

In about 1988 I was nearing the end of my comic book period and encountered the comic book miniseries V for Vendetta. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic fascist Britain and is centered around a concentration camp escapee bent on revenge. One of the minor characters is the official spokesman for the government who got his start as an announcer/administrator at the concentration camp where the protagonist was interred.

It’s a vivid story and made a deep impression on me. For some reason Garrison Keilor deep, rich telling of bland stories and anecdotes reminded me of my conception of the announcer in the comic book.

I hadn’t thought of V for Vendetta in years…

Oddly enough, a quick google search tells me that V for Vendetta will soon be a movie.

UPDATE–corrected the spelling of “Keilor”.