Jimmy Carter

Jul 08

Random insight from the ride back: Modern politics

The Bush administration has been like a movie version of a Jimmy Carter book, starring Steven Seagal, and lasting eight years.

Jul 07

The Jimmy Carter killer rabbit story

Subadei posted about the giant badgers the British have supposedly unleashed on Southern Iraq (and if they haven’t, why are they holding back?) and I did a quick search for “Jimmy Carter Rabbit Attack” on Google and it returned 341,000 results! The more notable ones are

Aug 06

Monday rapid fire

  • Prediction Markets
  • Shutter Speed
  • Carter: Bush Israel’s ‘worst ally’ in D.C. – this is American Politics at its most vapid. Two parties, or in this particular case, one party, arguing over who can better serve a foreign government? Is it so much to ask what we get out of it? Israel does have a knack for drawing the proper enemies, but this is a country that has spied on us and sank one of our warships, must we be this servile?
  • Jack Handey’s Art Ideas
  • The Pickin’ Barn
  • Half of U.S. Still Believes Iraq Had WMD – Journalism at it’s most vapid. It’s bad enough the author uses the horrid acronym “WMD” but then he contradicts himself in the article. Half of the US still believes that Iraq had WMD, chemical weapons in this case, because they did, just not in meaningful quantity. The poll gave an accurate answer, but the author uses that as a mini rant, and it’s billed as news, not commentary.