South Park

Dec 07

Merry Christmas 2007

A Merry Christmas to all. I don’t think I’ve posted this image before.

And of course, it’s just not Christmas without this…

Update: It’s snowing! Actually it’s sleeting, but I think I’ll take what I can get.

May 07


After the Snuke episode of South Park, the cast of 24 actually sent them one of the suitcase nuke props as a gift.

Mar 07

The next South Park

Will feature Hillary Clinton in some way.

Jan 07

Being insightful as I throw stones

Somehow I stumbled across this book The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11 on Amazon and it provoked two thoughts.

  • First I thought of Eric Hoffer’s adage, to wit, Americans can only hate Americans, they consider foreigners to be inferiors and feel sorry for them. That would make this book a sign of health, albeit an ugly one.
  • Then I thought of the South Park episode “The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce” and the lines:

    Kyle: So who was responsible for 9-11?
    Stan: A bunch of pissed off Muslims. What are you, retarded!?

Dec 06

The night of Christmas trees and pie

This is actually way funnier though.

Jul 06

South Park updates

Comedy Central is replaying the Tom Cruise / Scientology Episode (Trapped In the Closet) this evening. The Virgin Mary episode is still banned it seems.

Jul 06

Freedom lives in syndication

South Park’s “Super Best Friends” is still airing in syndication, and still shows Mohammed.

Apr 06

But I had my fingers crossed…….

Here is most of last night’s South Park courtesy of It would seem that Comedy Central did indeed censor the episode, and that was not a pr trick. Oddly enough, the image of Mohammed DOES appear in the opening credits to the syndicated version of the program.

Feb 06

I forgot about that one

Andrew Sullivan remembers that South Park portrayed Mohammed in an episode a few years ago. And no on cared. What a scam this all is.

And Kudos to the Weekly Standard for publishing the photos. The gutlessness of the American press on this one has been quite sad. The article is well worth reading as well. Quick quote:

None of these anguished reactions actually occurred, of course–no pogroms, no renunciation of U.S. and E.U. aid, no hiccup in the Iranian nuclear program. Because there was no real “anguish.” In truth, by December nothing much had happened because of the cartoons.

So a group of Danish imams took off for the Middle East to try to cause trouble. To do this, they added three cartoons to their roadshow that they seem to have ginned up–crude propaganda pieces that would be guaranteed to stir a mob, just in case the original illustrations didn’t produce the effect they were after.

The militants’ trip was a success. Various extremist groups and terror-connected Islamists decided to use the cartoons as yet another weapon in the radical Islamist attempt to intimidate the West, and various Arab dictatorships saw a political opportunity in starting some anti-European riots.

And you can understand their calculation. Since 9/11, the West has gone on offense against radical Islamists and Middle Eastern dictatorships. That assault has apparently been more threatening to them than many of us realized. From Iraq to Palestine to Iran, from Islamist enemies of liberty to dictatorial opponents of democracy, those who are threatened by our effort to help liberalize and civilize the Middle East are fighting back with whatever weapons are at hand, and with whatever invented excuses and propaganda ploys they can discover.

May 05

Worth Reading

Is this article on the practice of rendition in the Weekly Standard. It’s written by a a former CIA officer who argues against it mostly on efficiency grounds.

It’s worth reading all of the article, if only for insight on what a strange topic this is, and how important self image and membership in the group is to some people.. I’m reminded of the old South Park insight of “America is a big enough country to go to war without wanting to“.