First Photos

The new digicam is quite something I do have to say. Something complicated anyway. Here are the first decent photos I’ve taken with it.

and here is the second

Happily Olympus has some free online lessons. I’m going taking some cityscape shot tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes.


  1. what is the 2nd image of?

    the pretzel image looks nice and deep – i like it.

  2. Yesh, I think I understand the overall importance of light has in photography now.

  3. I would have never figured out the
    trackball cavity. If you like macro then you want to start thinking about a tripod and small aperatures. Howevalley Squire

  4. The aperature or FStops are inversely proportional to the shutter speeds. For example, closing the FStop down from F/8 to F/11 increases the depth of field, however the shutter speed must be doubled to achieve the same exposure.

    The Squire

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