New gallery!

I just uploaded all of the photos Mark and I took last night.

The photos were taken at

  1. Howell Mill Drive, from the parking lot of some furniture store with a great view.
  2. A vacant but recently graded area that overlooked the new Ikea store. The grading made everything look like the surface of the moon.
  3. The park in the middle of the Atlantic Steel Mill project.
  4. The 75/85 overpass at the corner of Peachtree and Deering.

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  • Anonymous

    Just viewed your photos in the gallery. You have some excellant shots. My favorite is the building with the crane on top.

    Ky. Squire

  • grandmapa

    If only Atlanta had a big lake or a large body of water to reflect the skyline !

    However, you did the most with what was at hand.