Things that currently annoy me

  • Ebay is having some sort of malfunction with one of their DNS servers and I can’t up a bid on a cool tripod
  • This article

    An air purifier helped suck up some of the errant smoke, but not all of it. Newly pregnant, Kump began thinking about a story told to her by a pregnant co-worker at the Tides: After her first visit to her obstetrician, the doctor was convinced that Kump’s co-worker was a smoker, when in fact she had never touched a cigarette in her life.

    Kump began eyeing those ashtrays more perilously, concerned about her exposure to secondhand smoke and the consequences to her health and that of her unborn child.

    It actually uses an unnamed friend of someone as a source, and it uses the phrase “began eyeing those ashtrays more perilously”? Have these people no respect for the English language?

  • This article “Katrina raises Hillary Clinton’s profile” in the Houston Chronicle. It contains 11 paragraphs and 11 sentences.

One Comment

  • Anonymous

    1) Most air purifiers don’t work unless you put your head directly in front of it at all times, which is not practical. Don’t even get me started on that.

    2) Meanwhile I know a mother who smokes who has multiple kids so healthy they’ll likely start eating other kids soon.

    Obviously smoking is bad, but the data on the harms of second-hand smoke doesn’t even exist.

    The argument against all of this hoo-ha is framed in such a way to make you think that every baby that will ever be born will be born healthy, and any deviation from that is because of some outside influence. As if seemingly healthy people never have defective offspring.