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Baby Boomer nostalgia

Rather than focusing on the good, though moot, objections to invading Iraq, or useful strategies for withdrawal, Anna Qunindlen writes her variant of the standard column comparing Iraq to Vietnam. Needless to say she doesn’t mention the American occupation of the Philippines as another, more accurate comparison.

There’s no need to read the column, it’s just like all the other baby boomer nostalgia pieces. One telling part was

They should remember one of the most powerful men the party ever produced, Lyndon B. Johnson, and how he was destroyed by opposition to the war in Vietnam and bested by those brave enough to speak against it.

At least Johnson had the good sense to be heartbroken by the body bags. Bush appears merely peevish at being criticized. Someone with a trumpet should play taps outside the White House for the edification of a president who has not attended a single funeral for the Iraqi war dead.

Two Comments

  1. If Johnson was destroyed by opposition to the war in Vietnam, then how was he followed by two terms of Richard Nixon? Wouldn’t a peacenik have been elected instead?
  2. Funerals are for family, friends, and people who knew the deceased. They are not photo ops, political opportunities or anything else. Were Bush to attend one it would be dominated by the media and Secret Service and ruin a special sad moment.

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  • Anonymous

    it amazes me how the left can think bush is a hard, unemotional guy. isn’t he the same guy that welled up after 9/11? he’s one of the most down-to-earth presidents we’ve had and saying he’s not affected by the body bags is far off the truth i feel.

    but i guess in following clinton, the ‘all things to all people’ prez, anyone else pales in comparison. he felt everyone’s pain (and told them so).