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Quick thoughts on Google

While having dinner with Pastras tongiht, I remarked that Google was brilliant because they never did anything hard. That is not to say that the creation of that company did not involve anything difficult, but rather that they use technology in a proper way and never in a way that just barely works.

What is the word for that?

A new word I just learned from the surprisingly difficult to use Volokh site is “Parade of Horribles” which I’ve never heard before.


  • CodePoet

    I disagree totally. I say it’s very hard to implement technology in a clean, easy-to-use way. Few can do it. While Google’s solutions may be clean ones, they certainly are not arrived at easily or trivially.

  • Steve

    Yes, but they make the technology play to the the technology’s strenthgs, which is the way I should have put it last night when I wrote the post last night.