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Quote of the moment

From Tucker Carlson’s blog

If Bush ends up being right about Iraq, it will be through luck and accident and God’s grace, not through any skillful calculation of his own. Success there will make him a great president the way Powerball makes crackheads rich: they have the money to show for it, but they’re not fooling anyone.

I don’t quite agree with this, largely in that I don’t think the current endeavor is something that can be done well. It’s quite the zinger though.


  • Steve

    Actually the isolationist/hard-core/Old (Lindbergh if you’re feeling pejorative) right wing has alwasy been against the war (which I’m assuming is what you’re refering to). It’s more the moderates on the right and left who favored it.

    Pat Buchanan is the best example of the anti-war right, but there are quite a few others, including Michael Sheaur and Robert Novac as well.