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If you want to get even with someone, make sure it’s someone who’s done something nice for you.

Thought One:
The more I read about the NSA eavesdropping thing, the more it seems like a colossal data mining operation. Question: Is it actually wiretapping if no one listens (or reads) and communication? Does the fact that someone notes that a call or email takes place constitute an surveillance?

Thought Two:

Am I the only one who thought that the govenrment was doing this already?


One Comment

  • missyyall

    You’re right. I thought they were already doing this stuff and had files on everyone, some just larger than others. If I can look at a satellite image of my house and do an internet search of the criminal backgrounds of a co-worker, you can’t tell me that the government isn’t doing the same thing. They just got caught at it.