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Someone is finally doing this

I’ve often wondered why we don’t have simple home medical testing kits for the most common problems one is likely to have. Just do a simple blood or urine sample at home once a month, and then send it off to be analyzed for the 15 most common (or cheapest to test for) illnesses and you’re much more likely to catch something early. I would imagine legal liabilities are the likely culprit.

It would seem that they’re doing something like this in Japan.

I predict that this will be a condition of health insurance in the future.

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  • grandmapa

    I lived and worked in Japan many years, and I loved their “electric Toilets”, which were not as fancy as the one described in the article, but much better than anything in the US.

    You’ve probably heard of them, they have little squirters which come out from the rear of the toilet bowl and squirt warm water on your bottom, and some even blow dry too. They have different gender and temperature settings.

    It is very civilized to have such a thing and I wish we had one.