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An unusually quiet day

Definitely one of the most quiet on record, I guess everyone really is on spring break.

On another note, I just visited this blog’s Technorati profile and I find that I’m linked under “a loner’s temperament” and experpted on a Malaysian blog.

Most surprising of all though is being linked from the Columbia Journalism review. They picked up on my Cheney – Abu Ghraib theory. It’s quite flattering.

Now, back to taxes.


  • Dave Henson

    I agree. And mastermind Cynthia McKinney brilliantly planned her “incident” to divert the media from Tom DeLay and Ralph Reed’s misdoings – dooohhh!

  • Anonymous

    mckinney is a conservative in disguise – i knew it. at least she had the guts to allow her lawyers respond to questions. much ado about a hairdo…much ado about a hairdo…much ado about a hairdo…much ado about a hairdo…and i apologize if you took it the wrong way when your face was in the way of my fist.

    good blog.