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I just finished with the photos that the lovely and talented Debra and I took last night. We would up taking all of them in the daytime (it was too cold after dinner) and I’m quite happy with some of them. I was careless with some of the angles and I left way too much stuff in the backgrounds (how many times can you see my shadow!?) but the bright sunlight and blue sky provided for many interesting opportunities in Photoshop.

While the last round of photos turned out to be quite dark and noirish, this one turned out to be more gothic and apocalyptic, nonetheless, some of them turned out quite interesting. I left some of the originals in so everyone can see the changes I made.

The goal for this photo series it to have fiddler silhouettes, which this round is not. I do like it though. In case anyone is interested, the Auto Exposure Lock made no appreciable difference. The location was on Howell Mill Road.

Thus I give you, Debra on the edge of forever.

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