Happy Bastille Day!

As an addendum to previous post, the quote of the moment is from Tucker Carlson

“Happy Bastille Day! It’s like the fourth of July, only with less to be proud of”.


  • Nick

    If I was sandwiched between raging fascist assholes for a couple thousand years and being invaded all the damn time, I’d probably get drunk on fine wine, have sex with foxy babes and eat cheese all while saying “fuck you Yankee” too. Tucker Carlson is a asstool. People who make fun of the French as a means of making Americaness look cool are lame. Newsflash, being funny is hard, making fun of the French hardly even counts. And, to be honest, we’ve had the same government in this country the whole time. They actually had Kings and Queens, and now don’t. As if my fellow Americans have half the stones to pull off a sea-change in government like that. They’re brutal? Our one civil was probably bloodier than their revolution. Whatever, the next person who makes some dumb comment about the French to me is going to get the shit beat out of them. Twice. Happy Bastille Day, bitches.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, now that’s some fired up! Having recently returned from there, I’ll triumph the cause of ending the “down with the French” stereotype. They’re nice folk. Even though they can be a little stinky. 🙂 Please don’t kick my ass for that last part, Nick.

    Viva Mitterand!!!


  • Nick

    It’s all so idiotic. I’d rather listen to a room full of flu-ridden nerds laughing uncontrollably. There’d be a greater chance of me hearing something intelligent.

    And I should come clean, part of my intention was to see if any brain-donors would put down their freedom fries and wipe the grease off their grubby fingers long enough to drop some mad, ill-informed science on here.

    The sad truth is I really don’t much give a shit what people think. In the nicest way possible, of course.