Rematch with the Alabama ride

The above is actually spray-painted at the end of the Silver Comet Trail. It ends about 3 feet after this and becomes unpaved Alabama.

I decided to try the ride to the Alabama state line again on Saturday. It was brutally humid, and in the 90s, but why not? This was my last endurance goal for the summer.

I wound up making it successfully making the ride. It was 126 miles; over eight hours in the saddle. I wound up drinking 5-7 liters of water, 4 power bars and two bottles of Accellerade. It was a fun, but extremely draining ride.

I saw about 10 deer, probably over a hundred rabbits and I almost ran over a dead snake. Two days later and I’m still exhausted.

Photo Gallery here.

Sitting in Alabama, looking at Georgia

The Brushy Mountain Tunnel


  • Anonymous

    Alabama’s portion of the trail, known as Chief Ladiga trail, will be built from the state line to Anniston one of these years – really. Great to see the photo though, very interesting!