• Nick

    The 37 Signals guy needs either therapy or a clue about modern journalism. First of all, a headline isn’t an article, and second, headlines exist to get people to read an article. So, I guess what he’s trying to say is the entire project was a huge success. I am so fatigued by outrage these days. There should be little drones that fly around the sky, and every time some pissant gets overheated with outrage a laser darts out of the drone and turns the mental blister of a person into vapor. Get mad!

  • Steve

    But it’s false advertising though. If one were to write a headline of “WMD stockpiles found in Iraq” and the story is “Army spokesman says that two artillery shells, dating back to 1990, were found containing Sarin.”

    The story is related to the headline, and probably got people to read the story, but it’s still deliberately deceptive and isn’t good long term.

    That’ doesn’t answer your point about the outrage, adn the media is notoriously obtuse when it comes to math and economics, but they should at least get numbers right.