The headstone is in

I got back yesterday from the headstone commemoration ceremony. It was good to see everyone, and the headstone is very nice. The stone from the military (featured below) was a pleasant surprise.

Sad reminders of things gone.


  1. Damn, brother, but that is a somber set of photos. My strength to you for your loss.

    This sounds a tad indelicate and for that I apologize, but who was 1st LT John F. French?

    I knocked back to October ’06 here on your blog and came away with naught though I did notice an excellent photo of you looking ready to either swoon the ladies, cow a boardroom or make a saving dive in front of the President.

  2. Thanks.

    It’s not indelicate at all. That’s my dad, he died last year in central Kentucky. It didn’t seem appropriate to write about it at the time, mostly because I didn’t know what to say.

    He and my step-mom moved back to the town they both grew up in a few years ago, that’s where he’s buried near his grandparents and a lot of other relatives from earlier times. I was surprised there was a separate military headstone there (my stepmom handled the arrangements for all of that stuff.) He wasn’t in the army all that long and I didn’t realize they did that.

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