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Nuking Mecca would be counterproductive and silly

I listened to the Republican Debate from Sunday and heard Tom Tancredo repeat his strategy of nuking Mecca if terrorists launch another attack on the United States. It’s just silly. Everyone is sold on the notion that religions are “of” something, like peace or justice.

Nuking Mecca is a way of fighting on technicalities and hoping that the other side believes in them as much as we would like them to. It’s like trying to fight LSD use by threatening to build a Starbucks on Jim Morrison’s gravesite.


  • Nick

    I thought you had a good point, until I thought about it more, and came to the conclusion that building a SB on JM’s grave would probably curb lsd use quite a lot. Maybe not at first, but eventually, and with serious traction. I really don’t want to go into detail as to why it would work, but trust me on this one, it would.

  • Anonymous

    The Doors fans would rise and start the great tribal war. Jim would be forced out of hiding to lead the children back to the next whiskey bar

  • Nick

    Morrison was a jackass and The Doors sucked, BTW/FYI.

    Every person who thinks Morrison was cool is an idiot. Fact!

  • Nick

    Jeez. I really need to make sure I have the coffee in me, and not just on my desk, before I comment. While true what I wrote, there’s no need to get in people’s face about it. Sorry.

  • Steve

    Yowza, a surprising number of comments on this post. I should mention the doors more often. Nick, I agree with you on Morrison, I think he ranks up there with Janis Joplin as one of the most overrated 60s figures.