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A bad sign for the Democrats

From this AJC article

The Democrats’ desire to put the vice presidential candidates behind podiums grew out of the 2000 and 2004 vice presidential debates, when the candidates sat close to each other behind the same table. Cheney had the upper hand in both debates, said several Democrats involved in the debate process, in part because the setting made it difficult if not impossible for Lieberman and Edwards to go after Cheney aggressively. Whether that was because of the setting or because the two Democrats wanted to avoid confrontation is a matter still disputed by participants.

If they’re already grinding their excuses to that fine level of detail then they’re already expecting bad things.

Random Thoughts:
The real question is – will McCain have the nerve to run a commercial saying “isn’t it awesome when we have divided government? Do you really want Nancy Pelosi to have total control over everything?

Will the 527 groups have the nerve to run an ad like that? Come to think of it, where are the 527 groups this year?


  • Jay@Soob

    I don’t disagree with you (re: the expectation of bad things) but I can’t imagine how! I’m not at all for an Obama presidency but at the same time the more I read and watch Sarah Palin the more I cringe. If anything the democrats should be looking forward to the VP debate as it will bring some substance to Palin’s presence on the ticket. Biden will likely have a field day with her on nearly every issue save the more partisan sorts (gun control, abortion, etc.)

  • Steve

    I still think Obama is going to take it in November (though the debates will be interesting).

    I do think Biden will wipe the floor with her on the economy; on abortion he’ll probably overextend himself and come across as a ghoul to the people who don’t care that much about the topic. Palin will come across as wrong (perhaps, depending on what sort of abortion, i.e. early term or late term) but with her heart in the right place.

    I think mostly the debates will be tribal affirmation, and not much else.