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    Come see me play tonight

    If you’re in Atlanta come out and see me play in my first ever scheduled gig this Sunday at Limerick Junction Pub. I’ll be going on at 8:00. Atlanta legends the A-Sides are the headliner.

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    A good crowd

    As usual, I did the open mic last night. Unusually, there was a good and enthusiastic crowd, probably the best I’ve ever had. I happened to be in fine voice last night too, which helped. A good time was had by all.

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    Performance anxiety

    So, at long last, I have my first gig as a solo performer in one month, opening for the A-Sides. And I need a full hour of material.

    It’s good to have goals. And deadlines and stress I suppose.

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    Sunday photography

    I wound up taking some shots for a friend of mine’s site and wound up with a lot of good shots. My brother took the one of me (the first one) and I took the one of Steve Coffey (of the band the Rockin’ Pontoons) (the second one). Galleries on the way soon.

    Taken at my brother’s house

    Taken off of North Highland

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    It’s hard to sell domestic violence

    While on my way to the Open Mic last night I passed a street performer/near vagrant. As I walked by I got the a pitch for money, with the memorable opening line of “Can you help me out man, I just did six months for domestic violence”. I gave him a dose of the evil eye (look at a spot an inch above his eyes, try it, it works) and he backed off rather quickly.

    Why would he think that would be a good way to get money out of anyone? Then again, thinking probably isn’t a strong suit.

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    My funniest line from last night

    Was when I said “I’ve seen the greatest minds of my generation destroyed by Dave Mathews”, which got a good laugh from my fellow acoustic purists who were going over new material at the open mic last night.

    Which I won by the way. I could just barely hear myself in the monitors, but evidently is sounded good in the crowd. I got my guitar showpiece, Bonaparte’s Retreat (in Drop D tuning) mostly right, which is a rare thing.

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    The theme for the best of all country songs

    I was looking up the history of my favorite fiddle tune, Bonaparte’s Retreat (I play it in drop D), and came across this little Southern gem. To wit, three men

    were taken prisoner by the Guard-no one knows why, but the area had been ravaged by scalawags and bushwackers, and the populace had suffered numerous raids of family farms by Union troops hunting provisions. The village of Waynesville had been burned two months earlier, and the citizenry was beleaguered and anxious. Cantrell writes: “The group traveled toward Cataloochee Valley and Henry Grooms, clutching his fiddle and bow, was asked by his captors to play a tune. Realizing he was performing for his own firing squad Grooms struck up Bonaparte’s Retreat.” When he finished the three men were lined up against an oak tree and shot, the bodies left where they feel. Henry’s wife gathered the bodies and buried them in a single grove in Sutton Cemetery No. 1 in the Mount Sterling community, the plain headstone reading only “Murdered.”

    Now I just need to write the song.

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    Bold new insight

    Barack Obama is a lot like Lenny Kravitz. Both have a well defined personal story which makes for an easy story for critics and pundits. They both sound just like vague rehashes of the Kennedy era so they seem familiar to those in the pundit demographic. Both were barely born then, so the talking heads can proclaim them to be “new”. Both are of mixed race ancestry so people can feel good about themselves for saying they like them. Both have problems with “authenticity”.

    Where’s my column?

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