Bob Barr

Nov 08

Election predictions

Obama by 3.5 percent nationally (the polls overstate the Democrats, but not by enough to matter), the Dems pick up 20 or so house seats and make it to 58 senators, Allen Buckley pushes the Georgia Senate race into a runoff, which Chambliss will pull off by a narrow margin in three weeks. Bob Barr does better than any recent LP candidate with over 1% of the vote, coming in at 3% in Georgia. Obama will be a good winner, and McCain will be gracious in defeat, and out long, lurid parade of tired whores will finally be over.

Now everyone read this article on why voting in unimportant.

Oct 08

Monday links

Sorry I’ve just been posting links lately, I’ve been working a ton and my brain doesn’t have much energy left for original thought. In any case, read these

Aug 08

Bob Barr invades the pop culture

For my hipster readers, Bob Barr will be appearing on the Colbert Report on Tuesday.

Aug 08

The surprisingly witty Bob Barr

Not as funny as McCain can be, but close, surprising close

Aug 08

Your Monday reading

Aug 08

Decent Bob Barr interview

Jul 08

A decent article about Barr and the LP

In Time magazine no less.

Jul 08

Here’s a first

I actually donated money to a political candidate for the first time in my life. Go Barr!bob

Jun 08

Bob Barr on!

A pretty good interview as these things go. Barr comes across pretty well.

Jun 08

Bob Barr Interview